About Therapy

Life can be difficult and full of conflict, and it can be hard trying to cope on your own. People can get caught up in familiar patterns with no way of knowing how to change them. Talking to a trained professional helps you make sense of these patterns and of your thoughts and feelings and it means you have somebody on your side whilst you face difficult times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How does it work?

After the initial, getting to know each other session, I will ask you to bring whatever is on your mind and we can explore from there. What you tell me will be kept in confidence.

What do I need?

I suggest that we discuss at the initial assessment what it is you need and what it is I offer. Once we agree to work together, we would set aside sessions at the same day and time each week and they would last 50 minutes each.

How often do I attend?

I strongly recommend a minimum of once a week to ensure a therapeutic relationship is established and work can take place. If other commitments make this a struggle, then please speak to me.

How much will it cost?

Session costs and invoicing method will be discussed at the initial meeting. Fees are charged on a sliding scale based on individual circumstances.

What is your availability?

This fluctuates, please contact me to discuss.

Do you have a waiting room?

No, I would request that you wait in your car until the start of the session time.

Do you have parking?

Yes, I have off road parking.

Therapy can sometimes help to address a specific issue or it may be
that patterns of behaviour are more entrenched and therefore you need
something more in depth to help you to understand and make changes.
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